Virginia’s Astrological, Spiritual & Life Coaching

About Virginia: She offers a balance of intellect and intuition emerging from her passion for astrology and her own strong personal commitment to spiritual growth. Being the eternal student over the years, she has studied and delved into many different topics of a spiritual and metaphysical nature. Virginia was fortunate enough to have studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, allowing her to translate personal Astrology, showing you how to best use the natural energies displayed in your Natal Horoscope. Astrology has made a profound impact on her life and she is inspired to bring to life your Astrological blueprint. Virginia is a Member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Virginia uniquely blends your astrological blueprint with that of spiritual and life coaching tools, giving you a more complete understanding of yourself, personality and life triggers.

Why a Coaching Package? Working with Virginia on a regular basis allows you to work through in-depth and deeply rooted self-sabotaging behaviors and allows you to truly transform into the life you want to lead. Your coaching program will be tailored specifically to you and the results that you’re seeking. Areas of focus may include: family interactions, attracting and keeping healthy committed romantic relationships, creating intimacy, releasing blocks with money and abundance, weight loss and wellness, self-love and acceptance, boosting confidence, navigating a job change or running your own company.

You may cancel your package at any time. Kindly give us 72-hours notice: Thank you!

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