Bridges of Light Spiritual Gathering

"I was inspired by Spirit to connect our community in a gathering space where we can talk about the things we feel, believe and are experiencing. I kept having these random experiences of being out and meeting strangers. We ended up in these beautiful conversations about spirit, self-discovery, feeling connected to crystals and wanting to explore that and so many things. It was the same message, they want to know more and to be able to talk about it with someone that is going through something similar.  During a meditation one day I was shown to begin a monthly gathering event where people could meet other like minded people and share about what is lighting them up, what new things they have come across or how a book they're reading is opening up new perspectives. We thrive in community and connection!  A deep closeness and connection that we create together is actually the best part of my work. This is a time of expanding our consciousness and for massive healing. Our world needs to heal now more than ever! In a gathering like this we not only meet other awesome people and talk about exciting things but we create a great energy vibration. I am being called to offer this monthly gathering not only for the benefits of the individual but the ability that we have to raise our vibrations together, shine our lights, expand them out and create magical Bridges of Light out across this world."  -- Courtney Eileen, Founder of "Bridges of Light" Spiritual Gathering (bio and picture below)

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About Your Group Leader: I'm Courtney Eileen, a Spiritual Life Coach & Reiki Master. I was struck by tragedy at a very early age which led me to the path of self discovery and a deep connection with spirit. Learning along the way how to live through loss. When I opened to my intuition life became magical. I now help others to heal their hearts and know without a doubt they are able to live their best life.  We heal through forgiveness, non-judgment and unconditional love. I teach the tools that allow us to practice this in our daily lives. As a magical bonus we align with the vibration of Spirit - Universe - Source and manifest all our heart's desires. My journey is about healing and bringing everyone together in oneness. It's my belief when we do this we help raise the vibration of the planet and all that inhabit it. Together we shine our lights, expanding through unconditional love, non-judgment and forgiveness and send that to ripple out across the world.