Spirit & Spark Monthly Subscription Box Survey

Would you be interested in receiving a Subscription Box filled with magical new items from Spirit & Spark each month? Think psychic tools, special crystals, "how to" information, rituals and more... direct from some of the best psychics, mediums and spiritual experts in the country. The best part? These curated and thoughtful boxes can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and you'll receive items at a deep discount.

What will your first box bring to your doorstep? The Spirit & Spark Subscription Boxes will be launching soon. Kindly fill out the survey below and we'll keep you in mind for our pre-launch and VIP invite. We intend to keep the initial recipient list small to start, so be among the first to see what we've got!

Dallisa Hocking, Spirit & Spark

Subscription Box Survey

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Do you currently or have you ever belonged to a Subscription Box program?
Would you be interested in joining a Subscription Box program that is curated by the Psychics, Mediums and Energy Practitioners at Spirit & Spark?
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If you are interested in the Spirit & Spark Subscription Box, what would you likely pay per month to receive the curated box? *
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Would it make a difference if we rewarded you for money off of your monthly subscription in exchange for promoting the boxes to your friends and family?
This would be a referral program using a referral website link or unique code that tracks back to you for credit.
Would it mean something to you if you had us send you a special box the month of your birthday, celebrating your year ahead?
Would you like to see information on one specific psychic, medium or spiritual coach in the monthly box? We would include their bio, along with an item that they personally selected for your box and why they included it.
Do you like the idea that you could also "add on" items to your box each month, ensuring that you get more of what you love?
This could include sage or palo santo bundles, crystals, oil sprays, etc.