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Reiki Circle & Meditation


Nicole and Selina’s Reiki Circle & Meditation

Date and Time: Wednesdays in June from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Cost: Love Donation (As a general guideline, most people donate between $10-$20)


Come together and set your weekly intention while receiving Reiki energy work and meditation and group cleansing. Leave feeling more balanced and refreshed with a sense of clarity, love and inner confidence. You'll not only receive energy work that is brought through you, but you'll gain a fellowship with like-minded people. This is led by Nicole and Selina!

NICOLE: Psychic, Reiki Practitioner, Aromatherapist + Entity Removals
As a child, Nicole was guided by her mother on how to remove negative entities (ghosts) from homes. Learning to clear the space in a thorough way, Nicole witnessed the importance of creating abundant and light-filled energies in the places she would go in to. Nicole extends her practice to healing harmful Negative Entities in and around people and their personal spaces. Nicole also dedicates her time as a Reiki Practitioner and Aromatherapist in adult disability care and hospice facilities in Las Vegas. 

SELINA: Psychic Tarot Reader + Usui Reiki Practitioner
Allow the Universe to flow energy and messages through Selina … directly to you! She has been aware of her extra sensory gifts from a very young age. As she grew-up she realized that she was different, experiencing extrasensory messages from the Great Beyond. In 2012, she turned inward to develop her spiritual and psychic gifts on a deeper level. She began reading and learning from various spiritual teachers, soaking up as much wisdom that she could. With that learning and reflection, she knew she was being called to help people who were feeling lost, unhappy, unfulfilled or in need of clarity that they can’t find elsewhere. Selina is a psychic, card reader, intuitive empath and Reiki practitioner, offering both psychic tarot readings and energy sessions. If you are ready for clear insight or balancing of energies within, Selina is ready to help you!

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