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Chakra Meditation


Chakra Meditation

Date and Time: Tuesday, July 23 at 6:30 p.m.

Cost: $25; This meditation is open to 8 people, therefore, advance registration is suggested.


Nicole and Selina will guide you through a high frequency meditation. Blocked chakras can cause physical and emotional disruption. Learn through meditation to bring your chakras into alignment. You will be able to detect imbalances and connect intimately within yourself.

About Nicole:
As a child, Nicole was guided by her mother on how to remove negative entities (ghosts) from homes. Learning to clear the space in a thorough way, Nicole witnessed the importance of creating abundant and light-filled energies in the places she would go in to. Nicole extends her practice to healing harmful Negative Entities in and around people and their personal spaces. Nicole also dedicates her time as a Reiki Practitioner and Aromatherapist in adult disability care and hospice facilities in Las Vegas. There are 3 Common Types of Entities (Source: Verdell Jessup):

1) The Hitchhiker: This type of entity is just catching a lift on you. They could be with you for just a short time, or hangout with you like a double shadow for an indefinitely amount of time, similar to a backpack. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of them out of your eye.

2) The Parasite: Like leeches that suck the energy out of us, parasitic entities cause us to feel drained of energy, always tired, and possibly irritable. Over time they can create physical illness in the body which mainstream medical professionals cannot explain.

About Selina:
Allow the Universe to flow energy and messages through Selina … directly to you! She has been aware of her extra sensory gifts from a very young age. As she grew-up she realized that she was different, experiencing extrasensory messages from the Great Beyond. In 2012, she turned inward to develop her spiritual and psychic gifts on a deeper level. She began reading and learning from various spiritual teachers, soaking up as much wisdom that she could. With that learning and reflection, she knew she was being called to help people who were feeling lost, unhappy, unfulfilled or in need of clarity that they can’t find elsewhere. Selina is a psychic, card reader, intuitive empath and Reiki practitioner, offering both psychic tarot readings and energy sessions. If you are ready for clear insight or balancing of energies within, Selina is ready to help you!

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