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Essential Oil Training

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Essential Oil Training, 3-Hours

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 13 from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Cost: $25

About the Class: The following is a list of what we will cover during the 3 hour workshop. 
* The Lost ART of BLENDING
* The Powerful ART of SMELLING
* The Amazing ART of FORMULATION
* Using Essential Oils as a practitioner or lay person
* Why you use a carrier oil
* External vs Internal use of essential oils
* How to know when an oil is rancid

Results from the training: 
* Become and expert formulator
* Become an expert at blending 
* Know how to safely use oils
* Know the best applications for Essential Oils

Experience Essential Oils:

To get the most from this workshop you will need to bring with you the following items
> 10 Single essential oils and completely cover the label, write only the name of the oil on the cover. PLEASE DO NOT BRING BLENDS.
> Bring 1 empty 5 or 15 ml bottle with lid
> Bring 4 ounces of your preferred carrier oil
> It is best for all participants to not be wearing any essential oil, perfume or colognes when coming to the class

This workshop is a neutral space; please respect others who are in the class and the rules of the business hosting the class:

> DO NOT Solicit anyone for recruiting
> DO NOT make mention of the brand or the company of the oils you are using
> There will be NO SELLING of oils by the facilitator or participants
> If you do not follow this protocol you will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued

About Your Teachers:  Nicole will be introducing this classes along with Beverly Zeimet. She would like to reach out to the public within the Essential Oil Community and allow all to participate, teaching them to love their oils. It’s a great time to share and make personal gifts for Christmas. 

Beverly Zeimet is an Inspiring Published Author, International Speaker, Energy Healer & Aroma Therapist. She specializes in Vibrational Medicine and Emotional Clearing.
Her workshops give insight into a world of healing at levels unknown to many. Beverly's mission is to open awareness and power-up those who are ready to take their visions to the next level and live life by their own design.

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