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Frequency Flyer

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Frequency Flyer

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 21 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Cost: $25

About the Class: Explore Vibrational Methods for Protection, Increasing Energy, Chakra Balance, Meditation and a whole lot more! This is a series of many unique ways to use meditation never before taught. Here is what we will cover in this 2-hour power packed workshop:
> Quantum Physics - An Introduction to Vibrational Medicine
> Building a Safe Place - How to create a safe space for meditation, giving or receiving energy healing methods, massage or treatments of any kind
> Aka Cord Cutting - prevents the energy pathways feeding negative energy to you coming from others consciously and unconsciously
> Energy Protection - building an energy of protection around the self
> Great Balls of Fire - balancing the 7 spectrums of the color wheel
> The Chakra Truth & In the Clear - clearing the energy centers of the body from blocks that no longer serve purpose or may lead to more serious issues
> Clicking the Universal Bic - experiencing the vibrations of light vs flame connected with the 7 major spectrum's on the color wheel
> Energy Scanning is an introduction to clearing on a soul cellular level; a great lead in to the workshop, Roadmap of the Body.

About Your Teachers:  Nicole will be introducing these classes along with Beverly Zeimet. She wants to introduce these amazing frequencies and vibrational awareness to the public. Beverly Zeimet is an Inspiring Published Author, International Speaker, Energy Healer & Aroma Therapist. She specializes in Vibrational Medicine and Emotional Clearing.
Her workshops give insight into a world of healing at levels unknown to many. Beverly's mission is to open awareness and power-up those who are ready to take their visions to the next level and live life by their own design.

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