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Egyptian Rebirth with Susan Morgan


Egyptian Rebirth with Susan Morgan

Date and Time: Saturday, December 8 from 11 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $133; A minimum of 2 people must register in advance for this class to occur

The Ancient Egyptians practiced rebirth as an art through shamanic methods, and we are able to do this in our era as well. We are able to achieve heightened states of awareness through a specific drumbeat (shamanic) that Susan is a Master at, effective even for people brand new to this form of meditation. We can re-create ourselves in tangible ways through this ancient and sacred method. Come be initiated in an ancient technique for radical transformation! 

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Meet Anubis (Guardian of the Underworld), be dismembered like Osiris, lay as a fallow field waiting to be filled by the Nile. We will also explore The Apis Bull, Hathor, Cleopatra and Alexandria. Hear the greatest love story and more. Intrigued? Register now! You can adorn yourself (or not) with Egyptian attire. Suggested Reading (but not required): The Art of Resurrection by Freddy Silva

Susan Morgan has offered this transformative workshop for years. She is a Master Dreamworker and the Founder of The Mystic Dream Center, a registered non profit. She is also a gifted Psychic Medium, Shamanic Practitioner and Author whose books include: The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools for Navigating Life. She is Abenaki and Huron in addition to Scots Irish.

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