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Activate Your Desires, Manifest Them Into Reality

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Activate Your Desires, Manifest Them Into Reality

***This class is limited to 15 people only

1 Class for $30 |  All 4 Classes for $95

Class Dates and Times: March 7, 14, 21 and 28 from 6:00-7:30p

Each class will start with a discussion on Law of Attraction, manifesting, grounding, gratitude, and our personal vibration. We’ll then lead into a 15 minute meditation, listening to relaxing music, while Seraphim Blueprint healing is sent to those open and willing to receive it. This will not only quiet the mind, and clear out mental clutter but it will allow you to more easily access the frequencies necessary for creation.  Once we come out of the meditation, there will be a focus on grounding to bring back our present awareness. Then as a class we’ll participate in group exercises that will create positive momentum, vibrational awareness, and an understanding of alignment with our desires using essential oils, oracle cards, affirmations, and fun, simple and creative hands on projects to amplify the intentions of the class. Everyone who participates that is ready and willing will have an increased vibration when they leave, and have direction on how to access this frequency on their own.

Class Summaries:

  1. Class 1: The importance of raising our vibration, grounding, and techniques on how to do both, including breathwork. 
  2. Class 2: The power of love, and how accepting and loving ourselves unconditionally assists us in our dealings with life, other people, and creating our reality. 
  3. Class 3: The Power of a grateful heart, and how it changes our reality, and creates abundance, and aligns us for miracles. 
  4. Class 4: Visualization and how to surrender and allow manifestation to occur.

About Your Teacher, Ashley: The Law of Attraction has been a passion of mine since 2012. Every time I experienced a bump in the road, its led me to a new deep personal awareness about myself and the energy that creates. The LOA is a universal energy that continues to unfold regardless of your intentions.  This is why it’s so important to understand how this energy works, and have an understanding on what is going on within ourselves on an emotional level.  If we can start to control the way we feel, then we can start to improve our experiences and lead a life of great intention. This practice is a journey of personal growth, and self development. Once I learned how to access the frequencies necessary to achieve positive results, my entire life changed. I used this practice to align with my divine soul purpose.  I’m now fulfilling my life purpose with bliss and intention. I find it very rewarding sharing my intuitive gifts, as well as my knowledge, and experiences on how to access the frequencies necessary to attain greatness. 

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