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Past Life Exploration with Tiffani


Class: Past Life Exploration with Tiffani

Date and Time: Saturday, April 14 from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $25; This class is limited to 10 people, therefore, advance registration is strongly suggested

About This Class: The human is an interesting specimen, we are learning more and more about ourselves and the universe we exist in every day.  An area that is gaining more and more attention is the belief and study of past lives which is the belief that the soul has existed in previous lifetimes. It is truly an intriguing idea that you and I have actually lived before in another body, with different families and perhaps even in a different country.

Do you have memories of another life that you have lived or a connection to certain places or times in history? Past Life Regression is one way that we are able to explore our previous lives and existences in a safe and fun environment. With the belief of having lived before, there is also the existence of past life regression. Past life regression is the practice of entering a hypnotic state to visit the life or lives that your soul has lived before this one. Fascinating isn’t it? Each participant will receive an "Exploration of the Soul through Past Life Exploration" pamphlet that includes a break down of universal laws, energies the human aura and more! No pre-requisites are necessary for this class. Participants should bring a pillow or mat to lie down upon during regression and a notebook and pen to write down their experience. Regression is a safe was of exploring our pasts but also an effective avenue to aid us on our healing paths.

About Your Teacher: Tiffani has trained and studied as a past life counselor at the amazing school of hypnosis in Sedona, coupled with her personal coaching and spiritual experience, she walks clients safely through past life experiences - some of which are the catalyst of hindrances and confusion in this life time. Through our exploration many client experience energy clearings and healing that they otherwise have not experienced. Join Tiffani as you journey through your pasts to create brighter futures for ourselves!

Tiffani's Past Life Exploration

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