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Conscious Space Alignment & Feng Shui Workshop

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Class: Conscious Space Alignment & Feng Shui Workshop

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 17 from 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

About This Workshop: Give your living space an energetic makeover and experience positive results in all areas of your life. Energy is everything and every single part of your current residence holds a specific frequency.  Every detail within your home energetically contributes to all these areas of your life:

  • Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance
  • Career
  • Fame and Reputation 
  • Family
  • Creatively
  • Health
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Love and Relationships
  • Helpful People and Travel
  • and more...

The connection and relationship with your living space IS very important. Conscious Space Alignment with Feng Shui brings a mindful awareness to a very specific energetic essence; and to understand this influencing imprint and effects to your current life experience. Learn how to connect to your living space as you bring intent that will allow your home be your most transformative power source. Remember, everything is energy and no part of your home is exempt of that fact. No one knows your home like you and this is a great benefit. Simple energy clearing and cures adopted from the BTB Western Feng Shui practice instantly transforms obstacles, energy blocks (which can be presented in many ways), and what some people call "bad luck." I don't believe in bad luck and believe that any imprint of lower or stuck energy can be amended, healed, shifted and cured. Once you understand the basic placement of a the Bagua energy map in conjunction with your space and you start implementing the changes, that's when the magic begins.

You may want to bring stuff to takes notes with and you will be receiving handouts and others information for this workshop. You will also leave with a special gift!

Cost: $44; This special workshop is only open to 30 people, therefore, advance registration is strongly encouraged

Michael's Conscious Space Alignment and Feng Shui Workshop

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