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How To: Release Energy Vampires

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Date and Time: Wednesday, May 23 from 6:00p-7:00p

Cost: $25; Space is limited, therefore, advance registration is suggested

About This Class:  We've all experienced an energy vampire, where our energy was completely drained after our encounter with a particular person. It can be a tricky subject if these energy vampires are in our work place, circle of friends, or even family life. We're all susceptible to being affected by the energy around us from other people, places, and even objects. These energies can affect the quality of our lives if we're not mindful, and taking necessary action to protecting ourselves, and clearing ourselves properly. In this workshop we'll learn to properly clear, protect, and ground ourselves, as well as learning to maintain our own personal energy. This class is great for everyone who is wanting to learn to take care of their own energy, or feels/knows they're an empath, anyone who works in the service or nightlife industry, nurses, doctors, anyone who has to spend a great deal of time interacting with other people, and even realtors who are stepping into several different homes on a frequent basis.

About Your Teacher: Ashley is an emapth and a trained energy healing practitioner with experience in energy balancing, clearings, energy/entity attachment removals, and more.

Ashley's Release of Energy Vampire Class

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