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Rituals, Oils and Abundance

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Class: Rituals, Oils and Abundance

Date and Time: Friday, April 6 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $20; Space is limited, therefore, advance registration is suggested

About This Class: Rituals can enrich one's spiritual life, it involves the body, the mind, the spirit and the heart. We will use oils to create a sacred space where we will explore how to tip into an abundance mindset. In this class we will create conscious growth around setting intentions by incorporating rituals and oils to aid in the process.

Our focus for this class will be manifestation, gratitude, alignment and creativity. Mantras will be used to establish values that align with an abundance mindset. We are building the foundation to let abundance into your life and align you with your best self! Everyone will receive a handout written by Ashlee with mantras, list of oils and tips to help on living in abundance.

About Your Teacher: Rituals have helped Ashlee align with her to dream and gain an understanding of her true calling. Along the way she discovered essential oils and how they can jump start the process by emotionally connecting the senses to our intention.

Ashlee's Rituals, Oils and Abundance

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