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Past Life Exploration: Lovers & Exes

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Past Life Exploration: Lovers & Exes

Date and Time: Sunday, February 10 from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Cost: $20; Space is limited to 10 people, therefore, advance registration is strongly encouraged

This past life guided meditation will take you on a journey, back into a time and place, where you will meet a former lover, spouse, partner, or Ex, all designed to help you with healing. You will re-discover and connect in Spirit, and revisit the lessons that this person taught you. You will also be able to take those learnings and release the need to repeat them. You will also be able to explore in this lifetime the lessons that you brought forth from former ones. With that understanding, you will be able to release old patterns and energy that no longer serves you. With bringing your conscious awareness to the process, you free yourself and bring about clarity, peace and gratefulness. This guided meditation is designed to heal you on the deepest levels of your heart. The imprints made in the last lifetimes and brought in this lifetime will be recognized and healed.

Theresa has a deep understanding of our divine lineages, and the higher laws of consciousness. She will guide you to your destination where you will connect and clear the old imprints.

Tap into the true inner workings of your mind with meditation. It allows for your authentic self to embrace your gifts and abilities with long lasting, effective results. Clients have said, "Theresa's meditation have been life changing."

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