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Stretch Your Intuitive Muscles

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Stretch Your Intuitive Muscles

Date and Time: Saturday, March 2 at 6:30 p.m.

Cost: $20; Space is limited to 10 people, therefore, advance registration is strongly encouraged

This is a super fun interactive class for people who want to grow and expand their natural intuitive abilities! Theresa will lead you through easy and fun creative activities that stretch your intuitive muscles — they will assist you in strengthening what you already have. You were born special and now you get to explore the foundation of who you are and be confident with it!

About Your Teacher: As a Medium, Theresa’s gift is connection. The energy of loved ones never die even after their physical passing. Their unique way of communicating can be as individual and unique as they are. Theresa’s intuitive and empathic abilities can bring you the peace and solace you are looking for. She grew into her abilities from a young child and she learned how important it is to hold these gifts with great respect and honor. She has, throughout her life, helped many people with her abilities, too. She uses the highest form of light and unconditional love to bring through the messages for her clients. Theresa has all of the “Clairs;” Seeing, Hearing Feeling and Knowing.

  • She is a Reiki Master and Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner (all 6 levels and certifications). She provides in-person or long distant healing and readings.

  • She connects you with your guides and higher self, bringing you a clearer focus for your life.

Theresa began her healing arts career 20 years ago. As she grew in her practice, she expanded her knowledge and compassion to do more for others and became a professional Consulting Hypnotherapist, show host, speaker and author in Las Vegas. She has combined mind, body and soul healing concepts to bring the best to her clients. Theresa has a heart and passion for helping others, meeting them where they are at on their unique journey. She is able to identify and make a clear path for her clients.

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