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Create Your Own Energy Bracelet

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Workshop: Create Your Own Energy Bracelet

Date and Time: Saturday, July 28 from 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Cost: $33; This class is open to 15 people only, therefore, advance registration is strongly suggested

We all know that setting powerful intentions is vital to achieving our dreams, and now you can infuse that special energy into a bracelet that you can wear! You'll choose the gemstone that aligns with your intentions, and then create your bracelet in class. Your teacher, Janice, will also lead you through a group meditation to open up the group to energetic blessings.  All of the class materials, including 5 gemstone options, will be provided. 

About Your Teacher: Janice is a lifelong resident of Las Vegas. She is a wife of 10 years and a proud mother of two sons. Although Janice was raised in a Roman Catholic home, she was always encouraged to explore the gifts that have been handed down to her from her paternal lineage. What started as giving readings to friends and family has now grown into a full-time professional career for her. She holds a degree in Psychology, and also incorporates Chakra balancing, card readings, oils and crystals into her mediumship sessions. She focuses her psychic gifts toward connecting people with their loved ones on the Other Side.

Create Your Own Energy Bracelet