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Messages from Your Spirit Animal

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Class: Messages from Your Spirit Animals

Date and Time: Friday, June 29 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.

Cost: $25; Space is limited, therefore, advance registration is strongly suggested

Just like Angels and Spirit Guides we also have Animal Guides, and they bring their own unique purpose to our lives. Each animal has it's own significance based on it's characteristics and the energy in which it presents itself can tell a lot about the message that is trying to come to light. Animal Medicine can be used to guide us through times of uncertainty and change when the perfect Animal Guide comes forward to present the traits needed to navigate through different phases of life. Come tune into your Spirit Animals through a guided meditation, followed by a warm up to ground and connect to intuitive insight, and then we'll exchange with one another messages using cards and the energy of Spirit Animals. All levels are welcome. Come with an open mind and ready to connect.

About Your Teacher: Ashley is an Intuitive Energy Healer who has a background in using different healing modalities including Shamanic methods, working closely with Spirit Animals in her energy healing work as well as her psychic readings. She has learned to intuitively decode the messages Spirit Animals bring forward to assist us on our journey through life, and interpret the characteristics needed to make life changes. Ashley has always loved animals of all species, and it's no wonder she would connect to them on such a deep level in her work and choose to share with you the wonders and benefits of working with Animal Medicine.

Messages from your Spirit Animals