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The Medium, Meditation & Myrrh

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The Medium, Meditation & Myrrh

Date and Time: Saturday, July 14 from 12:00 p.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Cost: This class is complimentary for anyone in the Spirit & Spark Oil Community (see instructions below on how to sign-up). Otherwise, registration is $35.

During this class I’ll take you on a meditative journey with oils and energy activations to help boost your Mediumship abilities. If you are interested in connecting with those in Spirit more easily, this is the class for you (i.e. departed friends and family on the other side, Spirit guides, angels, beings of white light). I'll be using some of my favorite oils in this class ... and, you'll feel your vibration elevate! One of the oils will be Myrrh. Trust me, the 3 Wise Men were on to something with this one.

I have a deep love for therapeutic-grade oils, specifically Young Living. I appreciate that they own all of their farms and the pickers in the field can't even curse in front of the plants, trees, flowers, etc., because they don't want the vibration of the oils to suffer! How cool is that?!

How to Join the Spirit & Spark Oil’s Community (And, gain access to select free classes):

  • Visit and Click “Become a Member” at the top of the page
  • You can become a “Member” or a “Retail Customer” – Either qualifies you for the free classes and mentorship with the Spirit & Spark Oil’s Community!

o   Being a “Member” is like having an Amazon Prime Membership (without the annual fee). It will give you a 24% discount off of your oils, and you will gain access to a super awesome Starter Kit which will give you a bunch of oils at a DEEPLY discounted price. You will also have the option to join “Essential Rewards” which allows you to earn points and freebies each month on qualifying orders. I can walk you through those perks after you set-up your account!

o   Being a “Retail Member” allows you to order oils at your leisure, but you don’t have the discount or some of the freebie/perks.

  • Then, continue with the check-out process. Once I see that you’ve joined the Spirit & Spark Oil’s Community, you’ll start to receive special invitations from me and I’ll be available to answer your questions.
  • Whether you use the oils on yourself or share them with your friends and family, joining our community of oil enthusiasts will put you on a path of discovery, energy optimization and raising your vibration! I am also available to provide you with recommendations on oils that I’ve used for various things in my life. The sky is the limit!

Why Young Living (YL) Oils?

  • YL oils can be used for non-toxic cleaners, skin and body care. I’ve personally used them for changing the texture of my face and zapping acne. I also use Lemon Oil as a household cleaner.
  • YL oversees the production of their oils, from picking the plant, flower, sap from the tree, etc., to the bottling process. The workers in the fields aren’t even allowed to curse while harvesting the oils. They are 100% pure, therapeutic-grade, chemical and additive free and they are not filled with “fillers” like other major oil brands are. And, YL owns or has co-ops with all of their farms… they don’t just own the bottles and labels. You can even visit their farms and help with harvest each year … Hello ROAD TRIP!
  • YL oils can support a healthy immune, digestive and endocrine system (and more)
  • YL oils improve indoor air quality – I personally diffuse oils while I sleep for better rest.
  • YL oils can support emotions, releasing stagnant energy from the body and mood.

Not ready to join the Spirit & Spark Oil Community? That's okay! You can register for the class through this button ($35)...