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Learn How to Read Your Astrology Chart

Small Group Workshop: Learn How to Read Your Astrology Chart

Date and Time: Thursday, August 23 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Cost: $195; Only 10 spots are available for this special workshop. Your birth date, month, year, hour/minute and location of your birth (i.e. city/state) is due by August 21, 2018.

What can you expect out of this 2-hour in-depth workshop? You will learn to read astrology using your own Astrology chart, provided by the Astrologer, Laura

You'll also learn the lingo and how it all works together to create a unique blueprint for your life:

  • 12 signs and their symbols, and how to interpret them
  • 10 celestial bodies that rule the signs, (ie: Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, etc.) and what energies they rule
  • 12 houses of a zodiac wheel and what they represent 
  • The four elements and how they relate to Astrology and YOU

THEN, we'll take it a step further and discover what sign and house and element YOUR OWN Sun, Moon and Rising is in, and how they blend together to make you the unique person that you are!

You don’t have to know anything about Astrology to take this class. This is a perfect class for a beginner. All you need is a curiosity for Astrology! This is an essential, foundational class for learning Astrology, and a prerequisite for future classes, so don’t miss it.

After registration and payment, you will receive an email with pre-class material. You will definitely want to start getting familiar with the symbols and terms right away. Your personal Astrology chart is provided in the class, and it's yours to keep! It's even more fun to sign up with a friend, so you can study together and practice on each other. But, hurry -- Only 10 spots are available for this workshop.

This class is an introduction to learning Astrology, which consists of a system of symbols. Understanding this foundation is the first step in learning to read your own chart
This is a simplified class, broken down into bite sized pieces, so that anyone can learn!

More About the Astrologer, Laura: I have a lifelong passion for understanding Astrology. 
It is the key to better understanding and accepting ourselves and the people around us. I teach a step-by-step approach to learning Astrology that anyone can learn. We start at the beginning and secure a solid foundation to build upon.

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