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***SOLD OUT***Locational Astrology: Where on Earth Are You Meant To Be?

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SOLD OUT: Locational Astrology: Where on Earth Are You Meant To Be?

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 19 from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $25; This includes your astrocartography-map, based on your birth information. Once you register below you will receive an email requesting your birth data -- it is due by September 18, 2018.

About This Class: Want to find out where the most likely place on Earth to find the love of your life is? Where you’ll find the most opportunities and meet all the right people? Where to go to write that book and get it published? Where your career will take off? Where on Earth you’ll feel the happiest and have the most LIFE in your LIFE!?

We all believe there is a special person, job, and place in this world for us. We have had unique experiences when we’ve traveled, or moved to a new place. But, how do we explain it when we go to certain places that seem a little more special to us? You know that place - that one when you got off the plane and felt like you just came home, even though you’d never been there before. Or, when we’re drawn to a part of the world to visit because that place stirs something in us, but don’t really know why. 

Astrologer, Laura, uses a practice called “ASTROCARTOGRAPHY" to help you find the answers to these questions! It’s a system of changing the planetary positions from your birth chart, into energy lines on a map of the world! You’ll see on your own personal astrocartography-map where all the best, and worst, places are for YOU! 

In this workshop, you will receive your own personal astrocartography-map and learn exactly what the energy lines on your chart are indicating. You will be able to pinpoint ideal locations for whatever you want to find in your life. Does it work? You will be blown away as you begin to recall places you’ve already been and how the energetic lines coincide with the feelings and experiences you had there. Good and bad. If you are thinking of moving or sending a baby bird off to college, you wont want to miss this class! Astrology workshops are always the most fun when you bring your best friend so you can share the fun together!

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