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Astrological Personality: Can't We All Just Get Along?

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Astrological Personality Class: “Can’t We All Just Get Along? A Permission Slip to Be Yourself!”

Date and Time: Thursday, October 11 from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $25; This includes your custom birth chart, based on your birth information. Once you register below you will receive an email requesting your birth data -- it is due by October 10, 2018.

About This Class: The distribution of elements in our Astrology chart (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) describe our unique personality types. Learning about them helps us better understand our children, spouses, partners, employees and best friends. It teaches us where we need balance, and simple ways to develop it.
Imagine if you understood your own idiosyncrasies and found them endearing, even lovable? Imagine if you could look at your sloppy roommate, or your perfectionist mother and say, “oh, that’s just their Earth imbalance” or when someone talks too much you could say, “there goes their Air!” Or if they didn’t talk at all, you understood it’s just an expression of their Water. This class will give you the permission slip to do just that!

We will begin by taking an elemental quiz to determine which elements are firing and which ones are asleep. Next, we’ll take a look at your Astrology chart to asses your elemental distribution. Example: do you have a lot of Air? are you missing Water? Is your Fire taking a nap? In the end, we will talk about very simple ways to either wake up a sleeping element, or develop missing elements. We will create name tags to show off our elements to each other and then laugh as we get to know each other!

The gift of the elements is to understand those closest to you and NOT demand that they behave differently. It’s the language of compassion that enables us to accept others instead of insisting they make impossible changes to accommodate our nature.

This is the perfect class to take with your partner, your teenager, or your best friends. Imagine if EVERYONE had this awareness (wow)!

About Your Teacher, Laura: I am the perfect teacher to give this class because I have studied the elements extensively as they relate to Astrology. I am passionate about using elemental knowledge as a tool for self discovery and compassion. I will impart this knowledge with humor and warmth.