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Learn to Read Your Own Astrology Chart

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Workshop: Learn to Read Your Own Astrology Chart

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 3 from 6:15 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.

Cost: $75; This includes your custom astrology chart, based on your birth information. Once you register below you will receive an email requesting your birth data -- it is due by October 2, 2018. Open to 10 people, only.

About This Class: You don’t have to know anything about Astrology to take this workshop. This is a beginners Astrology class and you will learn what you need to know here. You will receive your own birth chart in this class, and learn the basics needed to begin reading your own chart. The information is broken down into bite sized pieces so anyone can learn. You will learn about the 12 zodiac signs, the 12 houses, the four elements, and understand how they are all working together to create your personal map. Then we will focus on your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, in order to begin to reveal the unique personality you brought into this life! This class is packed full of fun, laughter and sometimes even tears! As you begin to recognize the real you… the you without your spin on it, or mask… a deep recognition happens and a beautiful transformation begins. It’s the transformation of accepting and loving exactly who you are — You are not a mistake!

In this class you will receive your own personal folder with your birth chart, relevant study charts, pencil and paper for taking notes, and materials supplied for a fun project where we create our own personal name tags to show off our Sun Moon and Rising Signs! You will want to save this folder to use for future classes where we will explore deeper layers of Astrology.

Message From Your Teacher, Laura: I am the perfect teacher to lead students through this class because I have a deep understanding of Astrology. I can see it as linear. I’m able to prioritize what is essential information for reading a birth chart, from the thousands of other interesting things about Astrology, and then deliver that information in bite sized pieces, succinctly so that anyone can learn. I truly believe in Astrology as a radical tool for self-mastery helping us to shed our untruths and fully embrace our individual brand of beauty. I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with others as a means to develop love… both self-love and love for others.

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