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Sun, Moon & Rising Signs: All Up In Your Horoscope!

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Sun, Moon & Rising Signs: All Up In Your Horoscope!

Date and Time: Thursday, September 27 from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $25; This includes your fun class name badge and personality description, based on your birth information. Once you register below you will receive an email requesting your birth data -- it is due by September 26, 2018.

About This Class: Have you ever read about your Zodiac sign and thought , 
“that doesn’t sound like me at all!” 
Or read that your sign is compatible with a certain other sign, but you NEVER get along with that sign? That’s because your zodiac sign is not the whole story! You have a moon sign and a rising sign, too! They’re equally as important as your zodiac (Sun) sign and describe a clearer picture of who you are. At different times in your life, you’ll express one sign more strongly than the others. Once you know these three main signs, you can read about them in your horoscopes, too, and get a more focused reading. In this 60 minute workshop, Laura, the Astrologer, will use your personal birth chart to tell you what your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are. It’s fun to bring your friends and learn about each other as well.

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