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What's Your Vision? Vision Board + Mindset Workshop

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What’s Your Vision? Vision Board + Mindset Workshop

Date and Time: Saturday, January 12 from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Cost: $20; This is open to 15 participants, therefore, advance registration is strongly encouraged

About This Workshop: Picture yourself having everything you have ever wanted in life, how does that feel? Pretty amazing, right?! When was the last time you spent a couple hours focused in on your goals and desires, my class will allow you time get real with what you and desire while also providing practical tips on helping you get to your goals. Let me help you spend a little time getting clear and detailed with your vision while also having fun in a positive, higher vibe setting. In the two hours we spend together you will gain a clearer vision on how to take the inspired action steps and mindset tips to help you manifest everything from the small desires to LARGE completely life changing desires. We will not only be cutting and pasting pictures we will be weaving the next phase of your life into your present.

This is a new year and it is full of endless possibilities, let's get it started together by focusing on you and your intentions! Embrace the now and create the life that your future self would thank you for!

What’s Included:

  • Detailed Vision Board Worksheet 

  • Take home worksheets to further apply and implement the skills taught

  • All materials to create a Vision Board, including magazines

About Your Teacher, Summer: I am a mindset and intention coach who is passionate about showing others how you can create a life you regardless of your current circumstances or anything that life may bring your way. I have spend countless hours studying mindset, the Law of Attraction and manifesting principles, and this has allowed me to bring a new take on Vision Boards that goes beyond the basic concept of just cutting and pasting what you want. The method I teach has helped me manifest my desires faster than I knew was possible and I LOVE passing this knowledge on to others. I am grateful for a life that has been filled with many adversities because through these I have been able to gain a life filled with purpose and passion.

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