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Astrology Class: Venus & The Language of Love


Astrology Class: Venus & The Language of Love

Date and Time: Saturday, February 16 from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Cost: $25; This is open to 15 people, therefore, advance registration is strongly suggested. You will receive a copy of your custom birth chart.

>>> Your Birth Information is Required in Advance, on or before February 14: Day, Month and Year of your birth; Exact Time (minute/hour) and the city/state you were born in.

Learn the language of love and how it shows up in your personalized, astrological birth chart! Venus governs the area of love, value and self worth In your chart. Learn how and where you express Venus in your natal chart! No two charts are the same. It’s unique to the moment you were born. Invite your friends and explore all about love and how it intertwines in your life!

>>>Virginia’s last class sold out, so don’t waste any time. Register today!

About Your Teacher: Virginia is passionate about astrology and the spiritual growth that can be revealed through your natal chart. Through her own life experiences and self study she has uncovered the wisdom of living out the karma of the north node. She will reveal to you your north node and the call of your soul to live your life purpose. Her own personal natal chart is governed by Libra and ruled by Venus. She was born learning love lessons. Let her guide you through your chart to uncover your Venus lessons!

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