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Journey Through the Runes, Part 1

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Continue learning about Runes with this class (Part 1)

Date and Time: Sunday, March 24 from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Cost: $25

***Pre-Requisite: Intro to Runes Class or by invitation

Continue to learn the art of Runes: The Nordic Tradition in Divination. Put another tool in your spiritual tool belt! Come and explore the mystery meanings of the runes — They date back to 200 BC and hold the magic of the gods, the elves, and dwarfs.

This Class (Part 1): Learn the first phase of the rune journey. We will learn about the first 8 shamanic Elder Futhark Runes. We will chant with the runes and learn the essence of the first Eight Runes. Brandy and Virginia will deliver the shamanic meaning, too!


About Your Teachers: Brandy and Virginia are teaming up to bring the shamanic world together with the Nordic Traditions. Brandy has Nordic heritage in her bloodline. Through deep meditation and lessons taught in silence with Angelic Guides, Buddhist Monks and Powerful Spirit Totems, Brandy has learned to develop her skills to tap into this tradition. Virginia has developed the practical learning skills necessary to combine tradition with practicality. Come join us for a fun filled hour of learning and mystical magic!

Earlier Event: March 24
Sunday Fellowship Service