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Summer Trio Event: Readings, Releases & Energy Clearings


Summer Trio Event: Readings, Releases & Energy Clearings

Date and Time: Thursday, June 6 from 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Cost: $25; This experience is open to 20 people, therefore, advance registration is suggested!


About This Experience: Come and join this exciting, unique gathering where 3 teachers will help and guide you on your pathway forward!

Nicole, Diane, and Theresa will doing a brief group Heart Chakra Clearing, using a sound bowl and your breath. This will open your heart to release and receive the deepest healing for your emotional and energetic body. In addition, you will be receiving individual Reiki and Energy washes from the Seraphim Blueprint angelic realms.

We will connect and bring you each the messages your guides and loved ones want you have for you highest well-being.

This Group Experience Includes:

*Brief group singing bowl Heart Chakra with breath clearing.
*Individual Reiki, energy washes from the Seraphim Blueprint 
*Individual Reading for clarity and direction
*An overall sense of coming back to yourself comfortably, while feeling a sense of belonging, and connection and unconditional love in this group community.

Each with our own gifts of mediumship, Reiki, Seraphim Blueprint, and much more, it is our sincere pleasure to be apart of your healing journey. We have each assisted many people with where they struggle and have transformed and empowered others to bring about healing with a new focus and direction. We are your personal secret weapon, ready to coach you into your healthiest best life!

Nicole, Diane, and Theresa have combined life experience of over 20 years. Meeting people where they are at with no judgment, and bringing you to where desire to be in your life journey.

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