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New Moon Gathering & Ceremony

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New Moon Gathering & Ceremony with Brandy and Sara

Date and Time: Sunday, June 2 at 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $22; Includes Reiki Infused Bath Salts mixed with Oils & Herbs and Powered with "Your Intention"

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Join us as Brandy and Sara collaborate in integrating Shamanic Healing, Reiki and the Power of Intention for those who are looking to prepare and pamper themselves through a change — it will empower you through the next phase of your life!

With the New Moon being so close to the fixed star Aldebaran in the Eye of the Bull, it gives great energy and courage to initiate Brave New Starts. Aldebaran brings success in business and in war, but also causes high anxiety and danger from enemies. BUT DO NOT FRET! With Aldebaran as one of the four Royal or ArchAngel stars it represents Michael, the celestial General. 

These energies are here to offer an opportunity to remove the things that are standing between you and your success (In Love, War and Business).

Come with Clear Intentions of what you’d like Clarity on and be rest assured that Michael “The ArchAngel” will be present to help remove the necessary obstacles to aid your success. 

Sara will also be providing all that attend with their own Reiki Infused bath salts, mixed with oils, herbs and instructions on how to conduct your very own Sacred Bath Ritual. Most importantly, she will guide you in how to power it with “Your Intention” — This is the last step to seal in all the progress you made at our Ceremony. The Moon and Salt water are perfect conduits for Cleansing & Recharging!

Brandy is a Psychic Medium and Energy Practitioner that exercises her natural connection to the Angelic Realm and other High Vibrational Beings to assist in Balancing Energy, Connecting Awareness, and Empowering others on their own unique personal journey to spirituality. “Spirit is My Driving Force. I am only the Pure Vessel and Conduit every time!”

Sara is a compassionate empathic individual helps Sara be the excellent healer that she is! Through Reiki, Sara can help ease your body and mind from the stresses of day to day life, and the things that make you feel not quite yourself. She is able to feel what you are experiencing through her own body’s sensations, and direct energies to help each area of your mind, body, and spirit.