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Eagles Eye Intuitive Workshop

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Date and Time: Sunday, July 14 from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Eagles eye intuitive workshop is a workshop dedicated to our own perceptual expansion and awareness within an evolving world. Being an inner light filled, playful workshop of exercising our intuition and clairvoyance skills. Acknowledging and sitting with our inner ability to navigate through higher levels of awareness of the self, that can be ultimately beneficial in helping us assess and be internally guided through life. What I will be sharing briefly in the beginning is my recent travels, and how being my own inner eagle eye has helped lead me through life. Then for the core day we will be an interactive group going over exercises to stimulate and vibrate our inner eye (intuitive skills). Some exercises will be on an individual basis while others in pairs and groups. Having fun and interesting group discussions after each exercise, as feel called too, on your experience and what you got out of the exercise is always fun. These exercises are something that has personally touched and helped me in staying in my intuition and what better way to forward and share that!

Please bring a mat or blanket, blind fold of any sort, water bottle, snack if desired, and a notebook and pen.

Suggested Donation $40-60, (please don't let the suggestion prevent you from coming if your feeling called)

In Love We Share, In Life We Give, In Light We Receive! See you all there, Ahooo!

-Adam Shield of the Feather and Israelight White Eagle Song

Workshop Donation