Energetic Dump Session

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126_Wishing-Well-Intentions (2).jpg

Energetic Dump Session

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Are you ready to FINALLY release that person from your life? Partner with Dallisa during this highly concentrated session where you'll work together to cut energetic chords. 

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If you are truly read to release someone from your past, book this 30-minute session with Dallisa! During this session she will work with you as a Spiritual Coach, diving into:

  • Working with your angels and guides to prepare you for a powerful release
  • Exercise to allow yourself to cut energetic chords
  • Re-calibrating your energy centers and auric field, bringing healing energy into your heart
  • Setting powerful intentions to welcome abundance into your life

Each 30-minute session is designed to help you release one person from your life. Because of the nature of the energetic release, it is only recommended that you do one "energetic dump" at a time.

These sessions are done over the phone, and the client will receive a digital recording via email after the session concludes.

Please note: This is not a psychic reading, but instead a powerful spiritual session. If you are seeking a psychic reading, please visit this page.