Friday the 13th: New Client Special Offer

Ohhh yesss! We're offering new clients to Spirit & Spark a 30-minute phone or in-person reading at our Las Vegas location for only $31 on Friday, April 13, 2018. Who said that Friday the 13th is bad luck? Turn it around! Tell your friends and family, so they don't miss out.

30-minute phone or in-person psychic reading for $31 (New Clients Only, Please)

Now is your chance to have a session with one of our remarkable psychics. This offer is valid on April 13, 2018 only, and for new clients of Spirit & Spark. (If you haven't had a private one-on-one session with us in the last month... you're considered a new client).

Don't buy into the idea of bad luck -- shift your life into abundance and dream fulfillment. We'll talk about it during your session.

Happy Black Cats and Broken Mirrors! Questions? Email

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We will assign you to a psychic that is available, based upon the time of day you have listed above. Not all psychics will be available. If you'd like to have your session with someone specific, list their name here and we'll do our best to match you with them (if available). Due to the number of requests for these sessions, you will not be able to switch practitioners.