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In Home Reading

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Book your Spirit and Spark™ in home session and prepare to embark on a spiritual journey where you'll receive messages from the Divine that are intended for you, setting forth a path toward joy.

What you can expect for your personalized in home reading:

During your Spirit and Spark™ reading Dallisa will begin to receive insight on your behalf and you'll be prompted to ask specific questions that you would like clarity or more information on. Dallisa will then begin to receive and share clairvoyant and intuitive messages by seeing, hearing and feeling sensations in her physical body. In some cases, she will use angel cards as a tool for understanding and interpreting messages from the Divine. Most information will come through to her as symbols, people, scenes and emotions, relating to the past, present and future. She may also receive messages from your departed loved ones in Spirit (mediumship). Specific questions from you help, as there is a vast ocean of information on your current and past lives to tap into. Questions help to narrow down the session focus and give you the specific insight you are seeking.

For a more successful and clear session, please come with an open mind and prepared with specific questions you would like to ask. On occasion, departed loved ones may come through, but they are on their own schedule and she can't promise a specific person will show up during your session. Let's consider their presence an added bonus!

You can purchase a session for you alone ($150 for 1-hour), or you can purchase a session where you and 1-2 people can join you. If you purchase a session for multiple people, the session is done at the same appointment date and time. You can either sit all together in the same room for the session, or I can do each reading individually in a private room within your home.

  • 1-hour session for 1 person: $150
  • 90-minute session for 2 people: $200
  • 2-hour session for 3 people: $250

After you purchase your session, Dallisa or her assistant will reach out to you to schedule your date and time for your appointment. Please be on the lookout for an email. If you don't see it, please check your spam folder.

By law, psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

Spirit & Spark is owned and operated by Dallisa Hocking, LLC