Spirit & Spark Mentee/Trainee Program (Limited Spots Available)

If you are serious about developing your psychic abilities, stepping more fully into your power in a professional way, consider joining the Spirit & Spark Mentee/Trainee Program. This opportunity was designed to help share knowledge with individuals that are serious about working in the Psychic Arts industry, while being mentored by an incredible team. This is also a great opportunity for selected program participants to refine their goals and test their learning.

This program combines classroom materials with one-on-one mentoring and volunteerism, allowing you to experience various parts of the business while building your personal and professional skills. A limited number of program spots are available at a time, and all applicants, interviews and selections are at the sole discretion of Dallisa Hocking, founder of Spirit & Spark.

This 4-month program includes:

·         Inclusion in Dallisa’s Psychic Development Classes, Levels 1-3 (online videos and homework, up to $600 value)

·         One-on-one mentoring or feedback sessions with Dallisa to review your goals and progression

·         Commitment to volunteering at Spirit & Spark (1) day per week for 4-hours each day

After the 4-month program completion, you will go through a final review where selected participants will be offered an independent contractor agreement at Spirit & Spark, where you will be able to work as a professional psychic, pending business licensing approval.

To be considered for this program, please fill out the form below. After we receive your information you will be scheduled for an interview.

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