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Frankincense is one of the best oils you can use during meditation — Remember, not all oils are created equally. Young Living has a “Seed to Seal” guarantee.

Frankincense is one of the best oils you can use during meditation — Remember, not all oils are created equally. Young Living has a “Seed to Seal” guarantee.

Amp Up Your Connection to the Universe with Quantum-Quality Young Living Oils.

Your energy is vibrating at a unique frequency and your mood and mindset affect it, all day every day. If you are sad, frustrated, confused or angry, your energy is lowered. When you are joyful, loving, excited and enthusiastic, you are vibrating at a higher frequency level and you can manifest results more easily.

I believe that your energetic frequency plays a large role in how easily you can connect with The Universe, your own intuition and receive synchronicities from the Divine and your Spirit Team.

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How can you elevate your vibration in 60-Seconds?

  1. Select the Young Living Oil that aligns with what you’d like to achieve with your energy and intention. Allow your intuition to guide you with the selection of your oil!

  2. Set Your Intention in Your Mind and Heart (i.e. I call forward health, wealth and happiness, I open to my highest potential with grace and ease).

  3. Put a drop of Young Living Oil in the palm of your hand, then with your other hand, take your 2 pointer fingers and turn the oil clockwise in your hand 3-times to warm up the oil, while you think about your intention.

  4. Then, place the oil where you feel called to upon your body. Suggested areas include: Top of your head (Crown), Middle of your forehead (3rd Eye), Top of your throat, Top of your heart, Back of the Neck, then about 1” from your body, down your arms and legs, as you place the oil in your Auric Field.

  5. Place your hands in front of your nose and mouth, close your eyes, focus upon your intention again, and breath the oil in, visualizing that you feel the oil being carried through all of your cells, amping up your energetic frequency and your connection to The Universe.

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  5. If you opted to become a Member, on the "Premium Kits" tab, select the kit. The Desert Mist kit is one of the most popular options and it's the one we have on display at Spirit & Spark. (See Photo)

  6. You may elect to check the box and enroll in Essential Rewards. You’ll see the checkbox to opt in under Step 1 and the photos of the kits. Essential Rewards program allows you to earn free oils and points each month with your orders. A monthly order, which you customize and select whatever you want, is shipped to you. An Essential Rewards monthly order of 100PV earns you an exclusive freebie oil. You may update your order each month with oils that you want to try! *Essential Rewards is optional*

  7. Continue to Step 3 and input your information and submit the payment.

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