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DALLISA: CEO of Spirit & Spark, 5th Generation Psychic Medium, Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Coach + Intuitive Energy Practitioner

Before she became a nationally recognized psychic medium, meditation teacher and spiritual coach, Dallisa led a very different life as an executive in the casino industry in Las Vegas. She has made matters of the heart, living mindfully and teaching people how to elevate their own lives her core mission. She founded "Spirit and Spark," a company devoted to teaching people how to live with intention, fearlessness and authenticity. Dallisa has trained with industry superstars such as Tony Robbins, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Lipton, John Holland, Lee Harris, Dr. Raymond Moody and Hollister Rand. She received her psychic gifts from her grandmother (Eloise) and great-great grandmother (Bell). Dallisa has also had the privilege of working on cold cases, providing loved ones with information and closure. 

WAITING LIST. Dallisa is currently on a waiting list for her private sessions. The estimated wait time is 6-8 weeks once you add your name to the list. To add yourself, click the button below.

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DIANE: Psychic Medium, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner, Aura Chakra Photographer, Meditation Teacher + Spiritual Coach

As a healthcare professional, she has always known she was a healer. Diane uses her intuitive skills to provide an effective way to connect people with their essence, empowering them to move forward and heal spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Diane has trained with mediums from the renowned College of Psychic Studies Arthur Findlay College, Lily Dale Assembly in Lily Dale, New York, and Fellowships of the Spirit in Cassadaga, New York. She comes from a long line of psychic mediums. Her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all gifted mediums!

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JENNIFER: Psychic Medium, Intuitive Reiki, Energy Practitioner + Spiritual Teacher

Jennifer is a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Psychic Medium, which means she sees visions in her minds eye and has a photographic memory. Since childhood, she has been able to see and hear Spirits and Angels while communicating with the Other Side. Jennifer also holds a Certification in Aromatherapy, Holy Fire Reiki and Chakra balancing. Her passion is instantly seeing blockages that we may have obtained from this life or past life trauma that still needs clearing. Her goals are to help guide others into the right direction for themselves and their own personal journeys, whether that is through a private session or in the classroom. Her Angels guided her to The Wayshowers College where she attends spiritual classes. She has also obtained a certification in Ministry in Spirituality. She believes in the power of prayer and knows that she was divinely guided to activate her spiritual gifts on a deeper level. 

PRIVATE AND GROUP CERTIFICATIONS: Jennifer is available to conduct one-on-one and group certification classes for the following. To book these certification classes, please email dallisa@SpiritAndSpark.com.

  • Reiki I

  • Reiki II

  • Reiki III/Advanced

  • Reiki Master Teacher

10 SPOTS AVAILABLE: JENNIFER’S PERSONALIZED PROGRAM. Work with Jennifer for 12-weeks to achieve profound transformation. She’ll tailor each week’s sessions specifically to your needs. It will include discovering your own psychic gifts, uncovering the root of issues and self-sabotaging behavior and more. Click the “subscribe” button below. Cancel anytime by providing us with 72-hour notice.

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BRANDY: Psychic Medium, Angelic Shaman, Psychopomp, Holy Fire Usui + Karuna Reiki Master, Teacher

Brandy is a Psychic Medium and Energy Practitioner that exercises her natural connection to the Angelic Realm and other High Vibrational Beings to assist in Balancing Energy, Connecting Awareness, and Empowering others on their own unique personal journey to spirituality.  “Spirit is My Driving Force. I am only the Pure Vessel and Conduit every time!”

Brandy was born into an intuitive family and was always encouraged to express her psychic gifts since the age of 5, but it was only through her own healing path that she began to develop an awareness of her own soul’s energy and life purpose. Through deep meditation and lessons taught in silence with Angelic Guides, Buddhist Monks and Powerful Spirit Totems, she has learned to develop the skills to fulfill this purpose. 

While encompassing her connection to spirit she is able to go deep into the mind to clear energy blocks where darker energies and entities reside causing disharmony in one’s life and casting them out. This is typically caused by physical, mental, and emotional traumas in current or past lives   and in most cases affects how we send and receive love and abundance in all aspects of life.  Soul retrievals may occur during deep healings which can realign one to their personal power and spirit. Tools consist of drums, rattles, crystals and herbal smudges. Each session is based on the client’s needs (even if you don’t know what that is), my intent is for it to be nothing more or nothing less that what is needed at that time. Spirit always knows.

Brandy also shares a strong passion for assisting the departed that are stuck between the worlds in limbo unsure of how to move on. Whether it’s to deliver a message from the other side and/or simply guiding them appropriately. Brandy’s practice is based on compassion and maintaining the balance. Psychopomp work can apply to an individual soul haunting a home/land, person or thing. Unconditional Love Concurs All! May We ALL Find The Light Through Our Wounds! We are not broken. We were made perfectly to Love and be Loved!

“I didn’t take a fancy course or travel the world to develop my skills. This wasn’t by choice honestly; I longed for a teacher, but The Great Spirit and my team had a plan designed perfectly for me (at the time I was completely unaware of), but now I’m grateful. It was only in those moments of being a lone wolf on my own path with a warrior’s heart, loyal to my calling that forced me to find the strength and courage I needed to remember that everything I was seeking was inside myself  and by my side all along!” -Brandy

PRIVATE AND GROUP CERTIFICATIONS: Brandy is available to conduct one-on-one and group certification classes for the following. To book these certification classes, please email dallisa@SpiritAndSpark.com.

  • Reiki I Plus Holy Fire

  • Reiki II Plus Holy Fire

  • Reiki III/Advanced Reiki Plus Holy Fire

  • Reiki Master Teacher Plus Holy Fire

  • Reiki III/& Master Teacher Plus Holy Fire 3 Day Certification Class

  • Karuna Reiki Plus Holy Fire Certification Classes

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NICOLE: Psychic, Reiki Practitioner, Aromatherapist + Entity Removals

As a child, Nicole was guided by her mother on how to remove negative entities (ghosts) from homes. Learning to clear the space in a thorough way, Nicole witnessed the importance of creating abundant and light-filled energies in the places she would go in to. Nicole extends her practice to healing harmful Negative Entities in and around people and their personal spaces. Nicole also dedicates her time as a Reiki Practitioner and Aromatherapist in adult disability care and hospice facilities in Las Vegas. There are 3 Common Types of Entities (Source: Verdell Jessup):

1) The Hitchhiker: This type of entity is just catching a lift on you. They could be with you for just a short time, or hangout with you like a double shadow for an indefinitely amount of time, similar to a backpack. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of them out of your eye.

2) The Parasite: Like leeches that suck the energy out of us, parasitic entities cause us to feel drained of energy, always tired, and possibly irritable. Over time they can create physical illness in the body which mainstream medical professionals cannot explain.

3) The Possessor: The most devastating form is possession — In this case the individual is actually being controlled by another form within them.

For deeper transformation, please select Nicole’s “Reiki & Readings” monthly transformation package by clicking the subscribe button below.

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SELINA: Psychic Tarot Reader, Shadow Work Practitioner + Usui Reiki Practitioner

Allow the Universe to flow energy and messages through Selina … directly to you! She has been aware of her extra sensory gifts from a very young age.  As she grew-up she realized that she was different, experiencing extrasensory messages from the Great Beyond. In 2012, she turned inward to develop her spiritual and psychic gifts on a deeper level. She began reading and learning from various spiritual teachers, soaking up as much wisdom that she could. With that learning and reflection, she knew she was being called to help people who were feeling lost, unhappy, unfulfilled or in need of clarity that they can’t find elsewhere.

Selina is a psychic, card reader, intuitive empath, Shadow Work practioner and Usui Reiki practitioner, offering both psychic tarot readings, shadow work and energy sessions.  Selina is also a Certified Practitioner of Teal Swan’s Completion Process, a modern-day soul retrieval allowing you to unhook yourself from past traumas that are affecting your current day life.  If you are ready for clear insight or balancing of energies within, Selina is ready to help you!

About Shadow Work sessions:

Shadow work is rediscovering the parts of ourselves that we have pushed away and stored deep in our subconscious.  Selina will guide you through rediscovering these parts of yourself during the Shadow Work sessions.  In bringing these parts forward, being unconditionally present with them, and taking the time to understand them with love and compassion, we are able to see ourselves clearly,  take responsibility for our lives and begin to create the lives we have always wanted.  

10 SPOTS AVAILABLE: SELINA’S ON-GOING MONTHLY PACKAGE OPTIONS. Work with Selina on Shadow Work and Energy Releases (4) times per month and receive a special price. To being, click the “subscribe” button below. Cancel anytime by providing us with 72-hour notice.

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VAL: Intuitive Abstract Artist, Psychic Medium, Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner, Deliberate Creator, and Teacher

She uses art and creativity, mixed in with shamanism, a dash of magic and a shitload of intention

Val has always been very intuitive and an empath growing up, but felt a hindrance due to being raised in a restrictive religious family. She found herself rebellious against any kind of spiritual teaching until one day when she decided to take up meditation. This had a profound effect on Val’s heart, and it changed how she viewed spirituality. She began to use meditation and art as a form of spiritual connection. This was an opening for Val’s spiritual practice to take form. She studied in a year long shamanic apprenticeship with one of her mentors. From there she found a teacher and is part of a sprit tribe in Las Vegas.

Two of the most impactful events in her life was the death of her father and beloved cat of 16-years. These two experiences were instrumental in teaching her how to use grief as a way of channeling loved ones that have passed. Val has helped others by creating abstract memorial paintings using ashes, memorial flowers, or other meaningful items into the paintings. Val used her own pain to transform her wounds into a healing process for herself and others. A shaman is often referred to as a “wounded healer”.  She believes that her own wounds have been her greatest teachers in life. She carries “the medicine” of many experiences and the ability to help others dig deep and transform their pain into something of pure beauty and purpose.

During her private sessions, Val offers a variety of services and healings. She utilizes her own creation of “Art with a Twist” abstract oracle cards, various shamanic, reik, energy healings and art to help connect with spiritual guides, ancestors, and animals.  By using these unique tools, healings and gifts, Val can get to the core of issues and obstacles that prevent you from living a happy, joyous and free life that you are meant to live.

Book a unique session with Val to discover your greatest ally … YOU.

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BRIAN: Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner

Brian is a psychic medium and energy practitioner who, early on in his childhood, understood that he had strong intuition and a connection to what he knew as, "The Other Side." Growing up there was a knowledge that his angels and ancestors where always watching over, guiding and protecting him. A near death experience brought forward one of his spirit guides and led to an initial awakening of his psychic gifts. The experience sent him on a path to learn more and understand the deeper connection to the spirit world.

His career includes more than 25 years working at the local, state and federal levels of government, and business development and as a professional consultant in three states. He’s worked at a variety of national non-profits, a major hospital system, healthcare associations, and Fortune 500 companies. He has represented two of the largest business associations in different states. His professional background provides a unique understanding of the challenges working in high pressure environments and seeking the balance needed for success. Applying techniques used in his professional life and his psychic spiritual life allows him to tap into his energy and higher self. This provides his clients white light, positive energy, and tools to guide them on a path to personal success.

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AMY: Psychic Medium, Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner, Blue Rain Concentrated Love Energy Practitioner & Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner

As a little girl, Amy knew she was very intuitive and could feel energy, but did not understand the significance at the time. As Amy became an adult, she became more aware of her special gifts. Amy holds Master Degrees in Business and Psychotherapy. Since her spiritual awakening, it is her deepest desire to help others heal and transform. Several years ago, Amy was gifted with the awareness of Christ Consciousness and lives purposefully to bring this awareness to others. She has the unique ability to understand the psychological and energy blocks that keep individuals from succeeding in relationships. Given her background in the corporate and psychological world, she gets to the root of the problem and works with individuals to release deep energy blocks, allowing them to become more successful.

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LANA: Psychic Empath and Intuitive Energy Healer

Lana is an Emotional and Physical Empath, Psychic, and Intuitive Energy Healer. From childhood, she felt different and could see, hear and feel things others around her didn’t seem to. Struggling in her early years to make sense of it, her gifts did not feel like the blessings they are. As a highly sensitive empath, she was bombarded with others' emotions, thoughts, and physical pain.

Her nurturing spirit guided her to work in healthcare where she discovered her natural healing abilities. Initially studying on her own to develop a greater understanding, she eventually sought a spiritual teacher to guide her in further developing her skills. Her interest in Shamanism, which honors her Native American ancestry, led her to a local Shamanic healer. There she was introduced to the art of Shamanic healing and became a certified Reiki Practitioner. 

After losing both her father to illness and her mother to suicide as a very young adult, that pain and loss, followed by serious health issues brought about drastic changes and transformation in both lifestyle and an increased connection to Spirit. Emerging as a wounded healer, it is her passion to help others find solace and make sense of life’s difficulties and challenges. 

After living in Wisconsin her entire life, Lana moved to Las Vegas in 2011, where she worked with her husband to build a real estate career. Although successful, Lana longed to get back to her true passion and help others heal and find solace using the intuitive messages she provides. Through oracle cards, and utilizing her gifts as an empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient, Lana helps people to dig deep inside to recognize those areas we find difficult to look at within ourselves. Let her gently guide you to a greater understanding of yourself and work together to find your purpose and the path to your highest self.

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