Workshop: Astrology and Relationships with Geraldine Kerr

Date and Time: Saturday, June 2 from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. OR Sunday, June 3 from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Monday night was cancelled because everyone was buying either Saturday or Sunday tickets).

Secret Discounted Ticket Offer: $35; This Relationship Class includes your customized birth chart PLUS the birth chart of someone you're in a relationship with (i.e. love, work, business partnership). 

Deadline to Register: May 30, 2018. This class is open to 30 people only, therefore, advance registration is strongly suggested.

During this class you will learn directly from Geraldine Kerr, exploring a relationship in new and exciting ways! You will learn about planets, the affect they have on you and your relationship, aspects, transit times, how compatible you are, long term potential, etc. In order to prepare your custom charts you will be asked to submit your birth data, and the information for the person you are doing the relationship comparison with. This includes: birth day, birth month, birth year, time of birth (as stated on the birth certificate) and city/state of the birth. If you do not have the exact birth time, it's okay, but it is strongly suggested, as it lends itself to the accuracy of the chart. Dallisa will email you in May to obtain the birth data for the person you want to have the comparison chart done for.

Note from Geraldine: The Relationship Astrology Seminar can reveal to you how the planets can influence your relationship compatibility with anyone. It can be a lover or spouse, business partner, coworker or family member. I will show you how two charts fit together, taking into consideration all planetary aspects between them. The Astrological houses will show what areas of life you influence each other in. Relationships are complicated (some good some bad) so too are the planetary aspects between two people. It has much greater depth than just putting two Sun signs together (eg: Leo vs Scorpio) which only gives a superficial comparison.

About Your Teacher: Geraldine Kerr has been an Astrologer for almost 30 years. Her main focus has been human potential and how to guide clients to their highest selves. By studying the planets and their complete meanings she can by way of a personal birth chart see who that person really is and where they are going in life. She has a deep empathy for all those she assists. She is committed to helping all her clients with sound practical advice that can really help solve personal problems. Money, love family marriage career and health are important to all of us in today's millennial world. The challenges are greater now and the vibrations are more intense, so we need to know when is the right time to do things. 

By having an uncanny sense of planetary aspects, she can make accurate personal predictions for individuals and businesses, as well as love comparison charts. She has been validated many many times, by her clients. It is important to her to be as precise as possible so the client has a greater grip on the overall patterns of their lives and can make sensible decisions for their own highest good. 

Due to the work involved with creating the custom astrology charts, all sales are final. Please do not share this link with anyone, because the discount is only being provided to you, since you attending her workshop in December 2017. Those that want to attend a regular ticket to this event need to do so through our calendar:

Secret Astrology Workshop Offer

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