In Person Session Location

Address: 9480 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 269, Las Vegas, NV 89123

How To Find Us: Eastern Ave. + Richmar. We are inside the Park Place Suites, located near Einstein's Bagels and Taco Y Taco. Go through the glass doors to the right of Einstein’s Bagels and head up to the 2nd floor (Suite 269). Parking is available in the front of the building.

Phone Session Dial-In Number: 817-381-9115

Appointment Questions: Call or Text 702-561-6943


Dallisa's Session Options

***Surrender Your S.H.I.T. Private Sessions” are reserved for those who are currently enrolled in Dallisa’s virtual program. To be added to the waiting list for this incredible, transformative group program, click below. If you are not currently in that program, please select the 45-min, 60-min or 90-min private session option.

About Your Session:


To set a powerful intention to connect with Spirit, it is suggested that you write down questions that you would like to explore during your session in advance, and bring those questions to the session with you. There is a vast ocean of information about this lifetime and previous ones, so questions help to narrow the focus and bring you the specific insight you are seeking. Questions could include things such as: Should I move? When will I find a lasting relationship? Am I in the right career/job? 


To set the intention to allow loved ones to come through during your session, please begin to think about them and recall memories of them in your heart before your session begins. We can never guarantee who will show up in Spirit, but we can open the door and invite them in. Please approach this as a lovely opportunity to connect with the Other Side, and whoever shows up is meant to be there at that time. 


If you are receiving energy work and chakra balancing, please wear comfortable clothes and give yourself permission to relax and open your soul to the experience. The more you let go and surrender, the deeper we can go in releasing that which no longer serves your highest and best interest any longer. If you are not currently booked for an Energy Clearing and you'd like to add it on to your session, please respond to this email and inquire about availability. 


Please arrive to Spirit & Spark at least 5-10 minutes before your scheduled start time to complete any necessary client paperwork and use the restroom. If you are doing a phone session, please dial in 5-minutes early (phone number listed above).

Spirit & Spark: The key to the restroom is available at Spirit & Spark. Kindly come to Spirit & Spark, located at 9480 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 269, Las Vegas NV 89123. It's off Eastern and Richmar, near Twin Peaks, Cafe Zupas and Taco Y Taco. We are inside the Park Place Suites, located in the corner near Einstein's Bagels. Enter through the glass doors to the right of Einstein's Bagels, and go up to the 2nd floor to suite 269. Please park in front of the building, where customer parking is located. Be mindful of any parking spots that have time restrictions -- they are strict. 

Making the most of your session (tips):

  • Come to the session with questions that you would like to explore -- they can be about anything.

  • Be good to yourself. Treat this session as a time to receive love and light from the divine. And, know that the reading will give you messages that you are intended to have in your life at this time. 

  • To assist with calling forward psychic information about yourself (if applicable for this session): Grab a journal or notebook and jot down notes and feelings that emerge during your session. Take special acknowledgement of patterns that continue to come to the surface during your reading. How are you feeling? What negative thoughts or sabotaging self talk are coming to mind? What creative ideas are sparked for you? There are no wrong answers, as the session will help you to discover your joy and activate a path of change.

Please direct any questions about your session to or Call/Text 702-561-6943