Welcome to Soul Spark!

Why Did We Start the Soul Spark Program?

We are grateful for all of the clients around the world that want insight and energy work from us on a regular basis. Soul Spark gives clients the opportunity to connect with us in a meaningful way, on a regular basis, at an exclusive price. We’re like your psychic BFF that knows you like no other!

What do you get with Soul Spark?

  • The Spirit & Spark team will answer questions each month from you via email, phone or at our location in Las Vegas (depending on which option you select), providing you with psychic insight and/or Reiki Energy Balancing and Clearing, all at a discounted price.

  • If you select the Email Questions, we will respond to your email questions as soon as possible, but please allow up to 2 business days (Mon-Fri) for your email response to be sent back to you.


  • You will email your questions to each calendar month and Dallisa will direct you to the with the right Psychic or Energy Practitioner on her team that aligns the best with your question(s).

  • Questions will reset on the same date each month, and they do not roll over. If you include more than 1 question in your email, it will count toward the question maximum each month. This limit helps us to focus attention on each question and email.

  • You can ask questions about anything. Most clients ask about things like: "How do clear the energy around me that is not serving my highest and best?" "Is there a mediation that I should be doing to bring in more abundance?" "Should I go on the trip to Aruba?" "Should I go back to school?" "Is being a fashion designer the right career for me?" "What are my psychic gifts?" "What is a message from my Spirit Guides?" "Can you send me distant energy balancing and clearing?"


  • Dallisa will tap in to your energy and determine which Psychic or Reiki Practitioner on her team you should begin with! If you have a preference, email it to upon signing-up. Please note: Although most of the Spirit & Spark team participates in Soul Spark, due to Dallisa’s waiting list for private clients, she does not personally participate in doing Soul Spark readings.

  • You will have the option to do your monthly reading over the phone or in person at our Las Vegas location.

  • Monthly readings do not roll over and they reset on the same day each month. However, if you are not able to use your session for a particular month, you may gift it to a friend or family member for them to use during that same month. In order to gift your session, email to indicate that decision, along with the contact information for the person you are gifting the session to. They must use their gifted session that same month.


  • There are no long term contracts for Soul Spark. To cancel, simply email your request to Kindly provide 72-hours notice before your membership renews to allow ample time for the cancellation to process. Or, you may cancel directly through PayPal.


Soul Spark Membership Options