I'm Here With You, Love Briana

I remember walking out to my mailbox several years ago to see a letter from Kris, Briana's mom. I carried the envelope back to my house, sat down on my couch and opened it. I wasn't ready for what the unexpected letter revealed. Briana had been in a car accident after she was out celebrating her birthday, and she had passed away.

Briana and I grew up together in the Seattle suburbs. She was full of light, laughter and kindness. We rode our bikes, played board games and went on adventures in the field behind our homes. I always felt very connected to her.

When I received the letter from her mom, I sobbed uncontrollably. Being in tune with spirit, I started to speak to Briana, "I am sorry that you died so young. It isn't fair. You had your entire life in front of you. But, I'll make you a deal. You can come along with me in this lifetime, and I'll do my best to live for both of us." ...Apparently she heard me!

Since Briana's passing, I have felt her spirit. I continued to talk to her, and express my gratitude for being near me! She feels like a sister in spirit to me, and I knew that she was always around.

Fast forward to last weekend. I attended a workshop for intuitives and mediums in Los Angeles, and our teacher told us to bring photos of loved ones that have passed. I carefully packed a photo of Briana and was excited to see if she was going to come through to any of the mediums during the workshop. Wow, did she ever!

I remember sitting in front of a medium and handing her a photo of Briana. I closed my eyes and welcomed any messages. A few moments later the medium began describing Briana's personality. She also mentioned that she was dancing and happy, and that she was there with us. The medium then said "She feels like a soul sister to you!" I about fell out of my chair. The tears started streaming down my face. Then, she said "There is a connection to white flowers and a memorial. Does that make any sense to you? I was puzzled, but I took that message with me.

Upon returning home to Las Vegas, I decided to write Kris and ask if the message of white flowers resonated with her. To my amazement, she confirmed these details:

"I usually put pink carnations at her memorial site at a park close by our house. But, "white flowers" are a symbol of love for the Angel Of Hope memorials where we have plaques for Bri in Phoenix, Arizona (Hansen Memorial Mortuary) and in Fargo, North Dakota. "Angel of Hope" is meant to be for parents who have lost a child. When we go to either Phoenix, Arizona or Fargo, we always take white flowers to place at the angel statue."

I am grateful that I was able to share this special and specific message with Kris, and let her know that Briana is still very present in spirit. The love you have here on Earth never dies!