Soul Travel Before Death

Have you had any odd occurrences happen when someone you love is nearing the end of their days? I remember a neighbor recount seeing my grandfather swimming in my parent's pool years ago. What's so odd about that? The pool was in Nevada. Grandpa was in Idaho, and my parents were there visiting him. He was dying of cancer. He had 'traveled' to the pool because "he wanted to go for a swim."

Fast forward to this past Monday night. Grandma Ellie's health is declining and my dad is visiting her in Idaho. I was house-sitting at my brother and sister-in-laws house and I remember thinking to myself, "I wonder if Grandma Ellie is going to do some 'traveling' before she passes away." She and I are close, and I fully expect that she'll always be around, even after her time on Earth ends. As I sat on the couch watching TV, the overhead ceiling fan turned on and the light started to dim. There was no one else in the house. I laughed to myself, and decided it was time to go to bed. I put my eye mask on, put in my ear plugs and went to sleep. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and being ticked off that one of my ear plugs had fallen out. There were 2 dogs in the house and they weren't exactly quiet. I searched for the missing ear plug, but no luck. I looked again for the missing plug when I got out of bed in the morning -- Nothing in sight! My morning carried on, I went outside to feed the dogs and chickens, then went back upstairs to get dressed. As soon as I walked in the room, I saw it. The ear plug had been placed on a dresser in the bedroom. It was not within reach from where I was sleeping, and it was standing straight up, as to say "I heard you were looking for me."

Big question: Do you think it's possible to leave your physical body and travel?