Oh My! A Complimentary 30-Minute Psychic Reading, an Oils Masterclass and Special Toolkit…

We see that you haven’t purchased your oil toolkit yet, which unlocks the complimentary 6-week Intuition and Manifestation Masterclass with me. To sweeten the deal, we’d like to gift you with a 30-minute psychic reading when you purchase your oil toolkit by July 31, 2019. This is a one-time offer. Theresa and Nicole, two of our fabulous psychics, are standing by! Your session can be done over the phone, video or at our office in Las Vegas.

To recap, when you purchase your Premium Oil Kit, you’ll receive:

  • A 6-week virtual Intuition and Manifestation masterclass with me, Dallisa (CEO of Spirit & Spark)

  • A complimentary 30-minute psychic reading with either Theresa or Nicole

  • An extraordinary oil kit that comes with 12 premium therapeutic-grade oils, a diffuser and a few other goodies, shipped directly to your home or office

Didn’t catch the entire webinar? No problem! Here is a summary of what you missed:

Replay of the “8 Oils for Intuition & Manifestation” Webinar

  • Oils are Magical. Therapeutic-grade oils changed my life and the way that I view energy, frequency and manifestation. In my 6-week Intuition and Manifestation Masterclass, I will teach you my sacred oil rituals and how they affect your mind, body and Spirit. The masterclass is my gift to you when you purchase the oils kit.

  • We’ve Been There. We work with clients around the world to help them transform their lives. Whether it’s love, financial success, changing to a new career, dealing with grief or a divorce, we’ve been in your shoes. Allow us to help you shift the thoughts in your mind, how you view your life, and have you living joyfully again. We’ll talk more about this "frequency shift” in the complimentary masterclass.

  • Game Changers. I discussed the 8 oils for boosting your connection to the Universe and manifesting with ease. Several of these oils will be in your oil kit: Palo Santo (for release and protection), Cedarwood (for decluttering your mind), Lemon (opening up your ways of thinking and allowing a Universal connection), Stress Away (releasing anxiousness and being nervous), Valor (stepping forward with courageousness), Myrrh (allowing for a loving connection between you and the Other Side), Frankincense (journaling, creating a sacred space in your home or office), Peppermint (confidence, speaking your truth, authenticity).

  • Fear is Not Your Friend. The webinar also touched upon the fears that you are holding on to and how we’ll be partnering together to release those in the masterclass: shame, fear of failure and/or success, doubting yourself, what you feel you “deserve” in life, guilt, resentment, anger, there’s “never enough” and lack of self-love.

How much is transformation and manifesting your dreams worth to you? In my 6-week virtual masterclass you’ll receive: Sacred Oil Rituals, Education on the Oils and their Frequencies, Guided Meditations, Journaling prompts, live Q/A and more.

Now’s the time to purchase your oil kit — Your heart and soul is speaking to you, can you hear it? Remember, when you purchase your oil kit by July 31, 2019, you’ll receive the 6-week complimentary virtual masterclass with me AND a 30-minute psychic reading with Theresa or Nicole, along with all of the oils and diffuser.

As a reminder, the 6-week masterclass and the 30-minute psychic reading is our gift to you, as long as you purchase your Premium Starter Kit by July 31, 2019. Allow me to show you how to boost your connection to the Universe and manifest with ease. I've done it -- let me show you how. You have to take the first step. Purchase the oil toolkit for class and get ready to live a more joyful, fulfilling life. Are you ready?

How to purchase the Masterclass Toolkit:


  • Visit www.MyYL.com/LoveFrogKisser

  • Click Enroll with Me toward the top of the page

  • Click on the 2019 PSK w/Desert Mist Diffuser. It may ask you on the next page to "Become a Member," that button is at the top of the page.

  • The sponsor and enroller ID is 3122326 (Dallisa Hocking)

  • You can change your diffuser to any one you wish to have.

  • On the next page, you have the option in enrolling in Essential Rewards. It’s a complimentary rewards program that gives you free points and products. I’d personally recommend it. If you say yes, you can use your Kit as the first Essential Rewards order. You'll then customize your order. They’ll ask you what oils you want to put in your Essential Rewards order. I’d suggest Cedarwood, Myrrh and Palo Santo. (It will take you to another page to add these reward oils to the cart). Once they are added, click "save monthly order" at the bottom of the screen. You can change or cancel Essential Rewards at any time. Signing up for Essential Rewards makes you eligible for the group psychic reading offer with me.

  • Continue checking out!


  • Call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515

  • Tell them that you want to purchase the Premium Starter Kit under the Enroller/Sponsor number 3122326 (Dallisa Hocking).

  • They will ask you which diffuser you want. I'd recommend the Lantern or Desert Mist.

  • If you wish to enroll in their complimentary rewards program, ask the phone agent to enroll you in Essential Rewards. This also makes you eligible for the group psychic reading offer with me. You can ask them to use your Kit as your first Essential Rewards order.

  • They'll walk you through the information they need from you.

Once I see your oil kit order come through, I'll send you the masterclass confirmation email, and we’ll schedule your psychic reading with Theresa or Nicole. Let's do this!