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Surrender Your S.H.I.T. 12-week virtual group coaching program!

Apply Now: Limited Spots Are Available

Are you ready to actually live the life you want? Can you commit to releasing old stories and patterns, allowing the opportunity for any goal to be met with ease?

The “Surrender Your S.H.I.T.” 12-week virtual group coaching program is ideal for YOU if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You’re ready to find lasting love or a healthy, committed relationship

  • You’re seeking the courage to leave or set boundaries in an unhealthy relationship (of any kind)

  • You recognize that you have a low-vibration relationship with money (i.e. you don’t have enough, you spend too much, there won’t be enough)

  • You’re ready to commit to living a healthier lifestyle (i.e. working out, eating nutritious foods)

  • You’re afraid to take action because of fears (i.e. fear of failure, success, judgement)

  • You want to quit your job, change jobs or start a company, but you have no idea where to start

  • You’re allowing yourself to look in the mirror and do the work needed to transform into a happier, more joyful person

Note: This is a VIRTUAL program…So, you can live anywhere, with any kind of schedule. There will be the option of tuning in live, or catching the recorded video afterwards.

Why should you apply for “Surrender Your S.H.I.T?”

  • You’ll assess major areas of your life -- This includes living your life purpose, relationship with yourself and others, abundance and scarcity, your spiritual path and more!

  • You’ll set meaningful goals to create clarity and a pathway of action forward, working with your fellow classmates and Dallisa as your accountability partners

  • Are you ready? Making the choice to participate will change your life. It begins now.

If you’re selected, what's included? It’s a comprehensive blend of guided meditations, energy clearings, education, special assignments and more! What’s more: this program will get you from A-to-Z, allowing you the opportunity to become lighter, manifest your desires and live the life you seek!

Dallisa will personally review all applicants and select people that she believes are ready to embark on this soul work! To express interest, fill out the form below. If after Dallisa reviews your application and she feels this program is the right fit for you, she’ll reach out with additional details.


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Don’t miss this opportunity to work with Dallisa to transform your life — This 12-week program is usually priced at $4,500! But because Dallisa wants to help you make a real change, selected applicants will receive tuition at a deep discount (over 85% off).