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Mystic Fair in Las Vegas a Lesson on Chakras, Meditation

…Dallisa Hocking, chief executive officer of Spirit & Spark, was on hand with a team of psychics who did free mini readings. The company opened in March 2018 and has 15 employees, including psychics, mediums, spiritual coaches and energy workers.

Hocking, whose career as a spiritual coach and psychic medium includes working on cold cases, said she appreciated the Mystic Fair for providing a chance to connect with the community and meet new people. Guests were lined up to meet Hocking and her team, including Judy MacMillan, who said she enjoys Tarot card readings. (READ MORE…)

Dallisa, our CEO, was quoted in this article for I AM & CO

Dallisa, our CEO, was quoted in this article for I AM & CO

11 Experts Say How To Manifest Love & Money (For Real)

Manifesting is something I always loved the sound of but didn’t fully understand for a while. The first time I heard about manifesting was when my mom made me read “The Secret” during the craze in the early 2000s. Ever since then I understood the theory of being able to call things into your life, but I mostly associated it with a fancy word for seeing a lot of feathers through the “law of attraction. Of course, I wasn’t ready then. Manifesting is meant for those whose intentions are clear, and hearts are open to receiving.” (READ MORE…)

Jasmine, Astrologer at Spirit & Spark, contributed to this article

Jasmine, Astrologer at Spirit & Spark, contributed to this article

“If You Have Trouble Setting Boundaries, You're Likely 1 Of These 4 Zodiac Signs” by Jordan Bissell

In a strong relationship, setting healthy boundaries is key, no matter what your zodiac sign. Maybe that means setting aside time to be alone, asking not to be called certain nicknames, or asking that your partner not share images of you on social media without your permission.

Whatever healthy boundaries look like in your relationship, four key zodiac signs tend to have a little bit more trouble than others with setting healthy limits. "These signs have the task of learning their own boundaries in this lifetime, so this makes it especially difficult for them to set boundaries in their relationships," Jasmine Hoover, an astrologer, transmuter, and new earth healer with Spirit & Spark, tells Bustle. (READ MORE…)


Tune in for this episode of “How We’ll Live” featuring Dallisa, the CEO of Spirit & Spark!

Here’s more from the host, Hailey Miller:

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go to a psychic -- like can this stuff be real!? And after today’s conversation I was blown away, nearly brought to tears, and fascinated by the gifts that Dallisa Hocking has. 

You can decide how much you want to believe, but you guys...this energy is real s**t. The best part is, even if you think this is all a bunch of hokey pokey, you can learn a lot about how to tune in to make life more meaningful for you.”

Irene Said...

I’ve interacted with Dallisa several ways. One of the Spirit Circle experiences stands out for me. My brother came forward and she was able to describe him very accurately. At another Spirit Circle, I asked a question about my health and Dallisa said she was seeing "Humpty Dumpty." Totally freaked me out because just that day while visiting a doctor, I was referred to as being an “egg shell” client because of the frequency and type of injuries I had. All I can say is AMAZING! As a teacher, she not only is excellent at communicating ideas, homework and recommendations, but she is so positive and encouraging. A truly talented professional psychic and medium.  We are so lucky to have her with us here in Las Vegas!

N.T. Said...

"I wanted to give you an update since my sister's reading last year. You were right on our friend Jake, so much so that I burst into tears when I read it in our hometown newspaper. At the time of her reading we suspected that he was most likely dead. Jake's beloved jeep was abandoned and we knew when he was last seen, but that's it. You said that he hurt all over, and you saw three guys. My sister asked if they would be caught for the murder itself and you said no, but they would end up getting into more trouble and paying for it that way. It turns out that I went to high school with these guys -- true evil. It ended up that one guy lured him into a home where two others beat him to death and then took him to family land where they buried him. All three have been charged with tampering, but just like you said, nobody has been charged with his murder, and it was three, another detail that you knew. The family found his body a month later and called the police. I'm sure you get validation all of the time, but I thought you would like to know!" (The name of the victim has been changed to protect their identity)

Courtney Said...

I went to see Dallisa about a year after my father's death. I was hopeful, but definitely skeptic. Within minutes of sitting with her, I knew she was authentic and genuine.  I am so grateful for the time I spent with her. She used her gifts to help me see what direction I should start moving my career and reaffirmed what I already knew about where I was most passionate.  Most importantly, she gave me a connection with my father, confirming some thoughts and expelling my fears. I walked away from our time together feeling at peace with my grief and hopeful for the first time, in a long time.

I met Dallisa when she started her "Ladies Who Lunch, Smart!" networking group and loved her energy. Once I got to know her I did a reading with her and I was extremely impressed by her abilities and the information she provided me. I have recommended her to several friends already and have heard back that they felt she was knowledgeable and her insights were right on. 

Coni Said...

Ashley Said...

Dallisa was by far the best experience I've had with a clairvoyant or any intuitive. She was very precise and answered all of the questions I had surfacing around the time of my reading. She was very specific with the answers she gave, she was very positive about my direction and left a huge imprint on me. I left the reading feeling completely empowered. When you meet her you feel completely comfortable which makes the reading so easy. She definitely impacted my life in a BIG BIG way! I am forever grateful to have stumbled upon her.

Amber Said...

I finally scheduled my session with Dallisa and it was ah-maze-zing. When my session began, Dallisa created a soothing atmosphere where I felt 100% at ease and completely relaxed. I connected with my grandmother and brother, it was a healing and beautiful experience. My grandmother is feisty, she endured a lot in her life, she is a very strong woman who taught me to speak up for myself and I know she is still with me. As Dallisa shared the healing messages, I thought “Yup that’s grandma!" My brother was a high school football player who had dreams of going to college. Dallisa saw him throwing his football in the air right away. So many things were validated and I left wanting to share my experience with as many people as possible. I’m so grateful, it was truly a life-changing experience.

Heather Said...

My combo-reading with Dallisa was nothing short of amazing.  It was like my favorite radio station playing all of my favorite songs for 90 minutes!  I received messages of love and encouragement, and very practical, life-shaping, important ones too.  The speed and fluidity of people and messages that came through Dallisa is awe-inspiring; she is truly gifted.  Her spirit and intention is reflected in her business and her kick-ass team!  Spirit and Spark is a place where I look forward to growing and learning in a beautiful safety net of love and light.

Dallisa is the real deal. Her sincerity and honesty in my reading were so helpful to me. Her ability to "see" my loved one helped ease my mind and brought me a sense of peace I needed

Tisha Said...

I'm not your typical medium type of person but I've had many readings by Dallisa and continue to refer her to others. It's a wonderful way to learn more about yourself, get coaching from someone (i.e. Spirits) that actually know you, and brings peace. I've used our sessions quite a bit to help me with work and career situations. There's no better way to get insight.

Shelley Said...

I’m thankful that I get to ask Dallisa for messages and insight on a regular basis through email.  Once, I had asked for a message from one of my favorite people on the other side, but wasn’t ready for the message. I was traveling for work and decided to stop and get some food. As I was reading the message I started to cry. The message was so sweet and heartfelt. I was trying to regain my emotions and do some work, but it wasn’t easy. I’m sure the restaurant workers were wondering what was wrong.  I learned that some messages are better to be read at home.  Dallisa is exceptional!

Rachel Said...

What stood out most for me, was Dallisa's knowing of my health issue with my nose and the suggestion to get it checked again, which I had just made another appointment for. And, her confirmation about my husband's right knee.  These "right on" calls, made the rest of my reading even more concrete and helpful.

LS Said...

I found Dallisa online and was a little nervous at first to do a phone reading. I wondered how it could work? I have been to psychics before but only in person. Hey, if the police use her expertise why wouldn’t I?  I was very happy with how professional and exciting the reading turned out and how many of my questions were answered before I even asked them. I have some of my own psychic abilities which was acknowledged right away by Dallisa and guides! (It’s always a good thing to listen to what others have to say even it you do have a powerful intuition.)

My questions pertained to my business and some family matters. My reading was in early October 2017 and I have already noticed some changes in my life when implementing ideas and suggestions I received in the 1 hour session. I am planning a visit to Vegas in April and will organize a meeting with Dallisa in person while I am there. I felt so good after my reading that I was invigorated to make some changes in my life that needed a little boosting in a new direction. One of the things that stood out was how quickly they suggested a logo for my business and actually described it similar to how I had visualized it myself! (Photo below) I had it done within a week after my reading!  I can’t wait to meet Dallisa in person!  I highly recommend her!   -The "Dear SyberSue" Talk Show Host

Sue Said...

Logo as seen by Dallisa in the phone session

Logo as seen by Dallisa in the phone session