"Ask My About My Nickname!" a Spirit Story


"Ask About My Nickname!"

I'm constantly amazed by the way Spirits on the Other Side work with and through me! A few minutes before a new client arrived for her Mediumship session, I was told by Spirit to sit down and channel. I knew that they wanted me to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down messages. So, I started scribbling down specific words and phrases until the client arrived. Before she entered the room, I turned the piece of paper face down, so it wouldn't be a focal point or distraction for her session. But as I did, I remembered that I wrote down the initials "B M S" in a diagonal line. 

My client sat down and I began describing how I work, then we began her Mediumship session. Her grandmother's Spirit began to step forward first, sharing messages of comfort and love. Then, the Spirit showed me the letter "B" -- it turned out that she went by the name Becky. My client asked if her grandmother had a message for her daughter, whose name is Mary. I said "wait, I have to show you something." I turned over the piece of paper, with all of the channeled notes, and showed her the letters B and M as they were listed on the sheet, and pointed out how they corresponded exactly with the order in which the messages were stepping forward. She looked at the paper in shock, but then said "I don't know anyone that is an S name", the last letter listed. I said "hmmm, we'll figure it out!" Then, the energy of her dad began stepping forward. He was showing me things about his life: He served in the Navy, went on fishing trips with his father-in-law and a special medal with a star. He then showed me a type of box you store important things in, along with the star, over and over again. Then, he said "ask my daughter about my nickname." Wouldn’t you know!? It was Smitty -- the "S" that was written down before she arrived for her session! She was overcome with excitement, because she knew it was her dad! She confirmed that she keeps a shadow box with many of his military items in them, including a medal with a star on it (photo included).

When you come with an open mind, with an intention to connect with loved ones on the Other Side, we can be the conduit for that connection! We trust Spirit and step out of the way, allowing them to speak with and through us. We are honored to have this gift and we take our jobs seriously! 

With a grateful heart,