Deceased Grandpa Gave Me "Strength"

One early December morning in 2013, I awoke from my deep sleep with a knowing that my beloved grandpa Frank had passed away. I had made plans a few weeks prior to say my farewell, booking a flight to go and see him in early January. But, that chance never came. Grandpa Frank had been sick and under hospice care, and I knew this his prognosis bleak. His light was dimming, and quickly.

My parents called that December morning to tell me that he had passed. My response: "Yes, I know." I explained to them that I awoke earlier that morning with the knowing that he had made his transition to the great beyond. We cried, and then I told them that I would come and meet them in Las Vegas the following day, and that we'd go on a road trip to Idaho together for his memorial service. During that phone call I also offered to do grandpa Frank's eulogy. 

I was honored when my grandma Ellie agreed, and gave me her blessing to coordinate the memorial service for her late husband. I began to pack my bags for the trip and formulating my thoughts around what I would say during the eulogy. I had never done one before and I was nervous. I didn't want to let grandpa Frank down. He was a war veteran and a good man -- how could I put into words what this man meant to me and his family?

The morning that I was leaving to meet my parents in Las Vegas, I said a special prayer:

"Please God, give me strength to make it through this trip, the memorial service, and help me craft the eulogy that I am about to deliver."

Then, I had one final stop before driving to the airport: the mailbox. I walked over, inserted my key and peered inside to see a box from a subscription service that I received quarterly. It's often jammed with samples and items that I'll never use. But, something told me to take it inside and open the box. The first thing I noticed was a special necklace from the company "The Giving Keys." The concept is that you select and wear a necklace with a special word on it, and when you no longer need it, you give it to someone ... 'paying it forward.' Pretty snazzy, right? Well, it's even more remarkable when you realize that you said a prayer for strength and then a few minutes later you receive a necklace engraved with the very word on it (see photo).

I believe that grandpa Frank is often with me in spirit, and that he heard my prayer for strength that day. My necklace was a beautiful nudge and delivery from spirit, and one that I will forever cherish. 

The Personality of Spirits

Do you often wonder how your loved ones are after they have made their transition to the other side? As a clairvoyant, I receive messages and imagery for clients, and share it through one-on-one private readings. Often times I will see situations and circumstances from the past that a client is still energetically tied to. I also have departed loved ones that will show up during a reading to provide confirmation that they are still around a client or to provide an important message to them.

If you can imagine, departed loves ones appear on a stage, directly in front of me as I am channeling messages for a client. Some spirits will decide to step forward and share a message or memory, while others are simply there to show they are okay. There are two recent experiences that I would like to share with you:

  • The "I'm Sorry" reading. I can vividly recall how I felt as I began channeling for a client that lives in Wisconsin. I could see her helping someone that was homeless. The next moment I could feel a man inside of her house, watching her. Then, I could see the spirit of a man step forward to say "I'm Sorry," "I Hurt You" and "I Love You." As I began to explain what I was seeing to my client, she sobbed. She explained that her son was homeless and she had tried to help him off of the streets. He had died of a drug overdose and she missed him terribly. I further explained that I could see his spirit inside of her home, and then he had not gone toward the light and completed his transition his overdose. I walked her through how to send him to the light and release his trapped energy so that he could be with Creator. The words from my client's son provided her with comfort, and he was able to communicate through me and directly to his mother.
  • The "Is This Thing On" reading. I still laugh when I think about this reading I had with a client in Texas. When I started channeling messages for her, I could feel her own beautiful, sparkling energy. She felt like rays of sunshine. Almost immediately I could see that she had several departed loves ones that wanted to say hello. Her grandmother stepped forward first and showed me a memory of her sitting with my client as she was a child. I could sense that she was a very kind woman with a genuine smile. Then, I saw a spirit who I affectionately refer to as "The Man With Glasses." He stepped forward onto the spirit stage, tapped a microphone and said "Is this thing on?" I could genuinely feel his sparkling personality. He began to show me that he loved being around a new baby that was born into the family. And, that the baby could see his spirit when he was visiting

Please understand that your loved ones have not lost their spark and that their personality and spirit lives on. What will your private session bring forward for you? Book your reading now

Popcorn! Seriously?

I've been working with clients one-on-one across the country, helping them sort through their past, present and future. I recently decided to branch out and also offer in-home gatherings where I can do shorter back-to-back readings for 6-8 people. Last night was my first group event, and it did not disappoint. 

I had about a 25-minute drive to the house where the gathering took place, so I decided to "tune in" and tune out any distractions. I turned the radio off, asked spirit to deliver clear messages for all of the people I was about to meet, and did a bit of basic chanting. A few moments later the clairvoyant messages started to come through -- the first message was POPCORN! I could see popcorn, and for the first time as a psychic, I could smell it. Very odd. But, I made spirit a promise: I would take all of the messages, no matter how strange they were, and deliver them to the recipient(s). I also received a few other messages and jotted them down before entering the home.  

I was welcomed by the gracious host of the party, and her family. And before long, the attendees began to arrive. I decided to start the evening off by telling them a bit about me and my story of becoming a clairvoyant and medium. I opened it up to any general questions that they had and told them that we'd be going into the one-on-one readings shortly. But first... I wanted to share some things that came over while driving there. With some slight awkwardness I told the group that I saw and smelt popcorn. A few moments later two ladies (who I would learn are close sisters) became excited and started exclaiming their amazement. One of them had experienced a house fire that was started by her popcorn machine. There was extensive damage to the home, and as a result, her beloved cat did not survive. The tears began and jaws dropped. And, a few moments later I could sense her cat enter the room, and then brush up against my leg. He was there to say that he was okay, and even though he couldn't be saved that night, he was still very much around the sisters.

Please understand that your loved ones, people and animals, don't ever die. They are around you in their own way, and they want nothing but the best for you. I can't explain why I am able to connect to spirit in such an amazing way, but I am grateful and honored to be able to share my gift with people everywhere. 

Look! I'm Talking To You...

Spirits are miraculous! If you could shadow me you would be amazed at the things I experience and see... and, all because I tune into the spirits around me. I know that each of us can communicate with our departed loved ones (I'll teach you how in my online class next week, "Connecting to Spirit"). It isn't anything you should be afraid of, as I can teach you how to tap into the frequency of love.

What are my signs? Ever since my grandpa Frank passed away I see the number "11" everywhere, all day long. And, I have also have feathers that drop in my path when I need some reassurance that I'm on the right track. It's like they're saying...

"Look, I'm Talking to YOU!"...

I few years ago I started a company called Love FrogKisser -- We helped singles connect offline through curated singles events. It would be an understatement to say that starting and running this company had been a challenge. It helped my soul grow and evolve in so many ways. But, I remember spirit coming to me in an incredible way at one of my most challenging moments.

It was the day of the very first singles event that I was hosting in Fort Worth, TX. I was at home working on my laptop, and questioning everything I had done the last 9-months to create Love FrogKisser. I was beyond stressed out, and was feeling vulnerable. I asked myself if starting this company was the right idea. I was sleep deprived, running on fumes and on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I thought about quitting altogether. I sat my laptop down and walked into the other room of my 2nd floor apartment. I came back a few moments later and discovered something completely astonishing: a feather had appeared on the top of my laptop keyboard as to say "I'm here with you. You're on the right track. Keep going!" In that moment I was reminded that I had to keep my faith, and that the challenges were my north star, pointing me in the right direction.

What signs are your loved ones and spirit guides sending you? Do you have your eyes and heart open to receive their messages? It's remarkable what we can experience when we pay attention!